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TV Mounting Services by Sears Handyman Services

TV Mounting
These days, televisions have become lighter, more portable, and adaptable to a variety of rooms and spaces. As televisions have become less cumbersome and more versatile, television mounting has become increasingly popular. Mounted televisions not only save space, opening up a large portion of a room where a large television or entertainment center would usually rest, but they also look great. A mounted television gives homeowners room to decorate their space with other furniture or objects in place of a T.V. stand, or to allow the mounted T.V. to maximize the space in a given room.

Most modern televisions are now capable of being mounted, but some homeowners struggle to mount televisions on their own. Mounting a television requires that both the television mount be attached to the wall correctly and that the television be correctly fixed to its mount. If the mount isn’t secured to the wall and if the television isn’t fastened to the mount, the television may fall, perhaps causing damage or even injury.

If you need help installing your television mount on your wall, you can contact a Sears Handyman professional to mount your television. Our service personnel have ample experience mounting televisions, shelving, photographs and other objects to wall studs, and they can make short work of a television mount.

A Sears technician will also run your power cords and entertainment devices cords (gaming systems, DVD players, etc.) to ensure your television and entertainment devices have been properly connected. While installing those cords, our staff will conceal them from view—that way, loose cords don’t make your living room appear unsightly.

Give a Sears Handyman a call today to discuss options for T.V. mounting installation. A handyman can usually perform this procedure relatively quickly, and he can work around your schedule to find the best time for an appointment.

Flat Screen Installation

Flat Screen Installation
In the past, when televisions were large and bulky, homeowners would be forced to arrange entire rooms to accommodate their large, awkward television sets. Now, with flat screen T.V.s that weigh just a few pounds, mounted flat screen televisions have become great ways to save space and make your home look great.

If you need assistance mounting your new flat screen television, a Sears Handyman is standing by to help. Our Handyman technicians can mount televisions on most common home surfaces, including drywall, brick, or hardwood. Whether you want your flat screen to rest on a living room wall or in the corner of a bedroom, a Sears Handyman technician can handle the job.

Call a local Sears Handyman today and get your flat screen T.V. up and mounted in no time.

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