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Gutter Cleaning by Sears Handyman Services

Gutter Cleaning
Your gutters channel rain and melting snow from your roof and out into your yard or drainage system. Without your gutters, rain water would simply stream off your roof onto the ground below.

Over time, your gutters collect large quantities of debris, mostly leaves, and this debris can cause clogs. Sometimes leaves collect in one or more areas of your gutters, causing water to overflow in those areas when it rains.

In order to prevent gutter clogging, your gutters need cleaned a few times a years, at least two and perhaps four times if you have several trees near your home. While gutter cleaning itself is not a complicated process, some homeowners struggle to maintain their balance on a ladder, which is essential for gutter cleaning. Additionally, for large homes, gutter cleaning can take several hours, and, depending on a home’s design and architecture, accessing the gutter to clean them can prove tricky and potentially dangerous for some homeowners.

When you need assistance cleaning your gutters, a Sears Handyman is ready to help. Our staff has experience in several types of home improvement and home maintenance tasks; they know their way around a ladder and home gutters.

Call today to schedule gutter cleaning from a Sears Handyman.

Gutter Repair

Gutter Repair
Most of the time, homeowners don’t think about their gutters—that is, until something goes wrong. Sometimes a strong storm can dislodge your gutter fixtures. At other times, a downed tree or tree limb can damage portions of your gutter. Likewise, during the winter, the weight of piled snow and ice can bend or break gutters. At other times, older gutters may just give way to use over the years.

Whatever the reason for a gutter problem, it’s better to have it fixed sooner rather than later. When your gutters or a section of your gutters don’t work properly, rainwater will not be directed as it should, and it will spill out into your yard, front porch, or deck, possibly causing water damage to your fascia.

If you need your gutters repaired but aren’t sure how to go about the process, you can call a Sears Handyman technician for assistance. Our Handyman service professionals know how to properly repair or replace gutters or gutter sections to ensure they operate as needed.

Call your local Sears Handyman service professional today and get your gutters repaired at a time convenient to you.

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